This is a list of (public) projects in which I have participated:

All Bioinformatics Challenge Constraints DBpedia Data Mining Databases HTML IE Knowledge Discovery Knowledge Graphs LaTeX Linked Data Machine Learning RDF Reasoning Template Visualization Webtables Wikipedia XML hCard

Prediction of Adverse Drug Reactions

Machine Learning Bioinformatics Knowledge Discovery Knowledge Graphs

ROSA: RDF and Ontology conStraints Analyzer

Knowledge Graphs RDF Data Mining

Know@LOD ESWC Challenge 2016

Linked Data Machine Learning Data Mining Challenge

Linked Data Patterns

Linked Data RDF IE Data Mining

WikiTables: Extracting RDF from Wikipedia Tables

Linked Data RDF Machine Learning Data Mining Wikipedia DBpedia Webtables

LODPeas: Like peas in a LOD (cloud)

Linked Data RDF Visualization Challenge

XML Constraints

Databases XML Constraints Reasoning